Our Memberships

Please Note: There is a $20 COVID-19 Safety and Protocol Surcharge assessed for each client

Enjoy YOUR regular monthly massage or facial therapy sessions for less! One monthly session will be auto-debited from your credit/debit card.

IF you want to upgrade your session or have any additional sessions in the month, it will be at member-only low rates!

In addition, there is NO activation fee, NO contract, and NO cancellation fee; simply give us a 30-day written notice.

(please see membership agreement for details)

Massage Therapy Membership

$55 per month for 50 minutes


$75 per month for 80 minutes

Introductory Offer

Facial Therapy Membership

$50 per month


50 minutes

Introductory Offer

Facial/Massage Membership

$95 per month

additional monthly massage:

$35 – 50 minutes/$50 – 80 minutes

Introductory Offer